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152761-152780 of all 153,764 gems.
152,753236secure_cookies2Secure your cookies with an API for opting out
152,753236naeginAPI Wrapper em Ruby, para
152,753236i18n-lightA light implementation to add internationalization into your apps.
152,753236reverse_migration Description of ReverseMigration.
152,753236jekyll-theme-ichiSimple Jekyll theme for a single page website. Visit
152,753236iftttIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
152,767235rabbit-slide-znz-rubykansai87-chat第87回 Ruby関西 勉強会での発表資料です。
152,767235light_scrollTiny infinite scroll gem
152,767235ninnyNinny is a command line workflow for git
152,767235termux_ruby_apiControl your Android device from Ruby thanks to Termux, Termux API and these Ruby bindings
152,767235dziad_devcamp_view_toolProvides genereated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,767235activerecord-bitemporalBitemporal modeling support for ActiveRecord
152,767235sugarcrm_v10Interacts with Sugarcrm via REST v10 api
152,767235pomodorokunit support pomodoro technique (e.g. timer, alert, etc.)
152,767235bt_jpegoptimBinary Transformer plugin for jpeg optim. Requires jpeg optim to be available via the P...
152,767235data_shapeSimple definitions for data structures in ruby
152,767235puppet-lint-cuddled_else-checkA puppet-lint plugin to check that manifest files do not have cuddled else blocks.
152,767235twitter2mastodonImport Tweet from twitter and publish them to Mastodon.
152,767235r00lzA Rack web framework, intended to teach Rails and its metaprogramming tricks, in a simp...