Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153501-153520 of all 154,777 gems.
39,6140flurry_harvestUsed to fetch and communcate with Flurry service
39,6140extra_libextra library for ruby from francis jiang
39,6140envfileThe `envfile(1)` program is a program to run another program; much like `sudo(1)` ...
39,6140each_line_reverseRead lines of a file in reverse order
39,6140csrf_token_cachingGem to handle CSRF protection token while using caching
39,6140conjurerRSpec Plugin For Preloading
39,6140cfooCfoo: CloudFormation master
39,6140becomingBetter delegators for Ruby 2.0. Allow your objects to have 'becomings,' temporarily giv...
39,6140bazVersion naming test
39,6140weibo_sinaSina weibo api
39,6140tomato_pasteA concentrated version of the Pomodoro technique written in Ruby just for you (and me) ...
39,6140tnargav-awsEnables Vagrant to manage machines in EC2 and VPC.
39,6140task_batcherSome tasks, like database inserts, are much more efficient to process in a batch. Howe...
39,6140tag_dogThis friendly dog gives you tags in your rails app.
39,6140smart_methodssmart_methods helps to define class and instance methods using pretty DSL
39,6140sidekiq_squashSidekiq middleware notifies exceptions to Squash
39,6140scrapixScrapes images from various sources e.g. Google Images, vBulletin threads, etc.
39,6140samplegemgem for sample application
39,6140enhanced_hooksenhanced before/after filter hooks
39,6140domain_mapperMap any hash to domain object using reflection.