Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157561-157580 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410em-emitterYou can use em-emitter to communicate with other objects in the Eventmachine reactor by...
34,5410dekerneldeKernel is a simple tool that finds installed kernels and automates the removal of any...
34,5410bcxFully-fledged Ruby API wrapper for Basecamp Next
34,5410worker_poolSimple worker pool for (synchronized) concurrent task execution
34,5410system_lockSystem Lock is a system-weide Ruby Critical Section that uses Memcached to lock
34,5410simple-page-layoutlayouts made easy for rails 3.
34,5410sassy-fractionsFractions for Sass
34,5410safety_patrol_padrinoA few helpers for SafetyPatrol and Pardino
34,5410robust_params_parserParams parser Rack middleware able to handle parsing errors
34,5410rack-chartbeatRack middleware to automatically include Chartbeat embed codes in your site.
34,5410omniauth-personaAn OmniAuth strategy for implementing Persona
34,5410motion_stripestripe-ios wrapper for rubymotion
34,5410marshal_socketA dead simple way to pass ruby object on a socket
34,5410krypt-provider-opensslImplementation of the krypt-provider API using OpenSSL
34,5410kindle_utilA utility for performing bulk actions against your kindle library, most notably to allo...
34,5410jsonviewJSONView for Rack
34,5410jquery-ztree-railsjquery ztree resources files packaged for the Rails asset pieline
34,5410flycat_recordDescription of FlycatRecord.
34,5410fluent-plugin-websocketFluentd websocket output plugin which can output JSON string or MessagePack binary to t...
34,5410flee_to_mdHelps convert a big xml file (like from squarespace) into separate markdown files