Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157581-157600 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410ey-vendored-backup[Modified to vendor Fog 1.8.0] Backup is a RubyGem, written for UNIX-like operating sys...
34,5410collectd-formatterTake arguments and return a structure that formats to JSON nicely
34,5410class_optionsdefine options on classes
34,5410bard_staging_bannerMiddleware to inject an annoying banner on every page in the staging environment
34,5410xbuilderAPI-compatible Builder implementation using libxml.
34,5410tastebook-respond_to_parentrespond_to_parent for Rails 3
34,5410sprockets_inlineSprocketsInline provides a Sprockets directive processor for inlining JavaScripts
34,5410sinatra-handlebarsCompiles and serves Handlebars template files (.hbs) as javascript from the configured ...
34,5410simmsAllows accepting and parsing Simms Energy monitor data streams.
34,5410rpirWiringRuby's extension for special components
34,5410resellerclubA gem that implements the sections Customer, Reseller, Contact and Domain from Reseller...
34,5410raptorize-railsInstantly Raptorize any Rails app
34,5410neonjsAn implementation of Javascript running on Rubinius
34,5410mecab-moraMora parser for mecab-ruby.
34,5410itunes-clientiTunes client with high level API
34,5410github-bridgeThe bridge between public GitHub (github.com) and private GitHub (GitHub Enterprise, gi...
34,5410dvlaA scraper to extract data from the DVLA
34,5410cells-captureProvides content_for for Cells.
34,5410blestaA Ruby library for working with the Blesta Resellers API
34,5410wsugg_gemFirst Gem project to learn how to put a gem together and up on rubygems.org. The main ...