Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157621-157640 of all 158,045 gems.
50,0780klusterCreate geographic clusters
50,0780git_recentCLI for displaying and interacting with recently checked-out git branches
50,0780enumerator-traits-kita collection of useful Ruby sequence traits and operations
50,0780dunDun help ruby programers focus on the problem domain directly when programing.
50,0780driftrock-service-tempGem for talking to the driftrock api
50,0780desireAdds Kernel.desire and/or monkeypatches Kernel.require to ignore failures
50,0780decodarA Coded statement of account (CODA) Wrapper Library
50,0780blue-redisA Redis plugin for the Blue deployment framework
50,0780with_embedded_assetsEmbeds assets from Rails directly into HTML
50,0780test_sass_rails_patchTest modification of Shanahan fix to sass precompile in rails
50,0780spsleepA command line tool for sleep by space.
50,0780zaimA Ruby wrapper for the Zaim API.
50,0780wutangAn experimental command line password manager
50,0780unicorn-soft-timeoutGraceful handling of requests which are reaching the timeout limit to avoid SIGKILL
50,0780sharemoreSave your thoughts to ShareMore through this library
50,0780rabbit-slide-okkez-rubykaigi2013My slide for RubyKaigi2013 るりまのRuby2.0対応ができているはずなので、報告を兼ねて発表します。 他にるりまプロジェクトの外でもるりまの成果...
50,0780jquery-ui-rails-google-cdnUse the Google CDN to serve jquery ui files and fall back to the local version if the C...
50,0780craigslist-dataa gem to scrape data off craigslist
50,0780authkickLightweight authentication for OmniAuth
50,0780amendBasic ODM wrapper for Rethinkdb