Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157641-157660 of all 158,045 gems.
50,0780vagrant-destroyerIf enable calls vagrant destroy following a vagrant up
50,0780aviShit Avi Says!
50,0780wilburWilbur is primarly a wrapper around OpenWRT Buildroot. Building a custom OpenW...
50,0780ratelimit-bucketbasedSimple rate limiting gem useful for regulating the speed at which service is provided, ...
50,0780pfttestPFT Test GEM
50,0780PCS_pomodorotimes 25 minutes then times 3 minute breaks.
50,0780imseng-business_timeHave you ever wanted to do things like "6.business_days.from_now" and have weekends and...
50,0780ifillThin Ruby wrapper for the Compilation of Presidential Documents
50,0780hola-nicklink483A simple hello world gem
50,0780thunder-1.9.3Thunder does command line interfaces. Nothing more, nothing less.
50,0780logvisibleCreate easy to see log statements for debugging in Rails applications
50,0780glebtv-carrierwave-mongoidThis fork makes GridFS optional
50,0780bootstrap-jasnyRuby library for bootstrap-jasny developed by jasny(http://jasny.github.io/bootstrap/)
50,0780ramontayag-middlewareGeneralized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.
50,0780pg_fakerAllows you to specify one or all PG::Connection class methods to cause configurable del...
50,0780bootstrap-file-inputFile input field looks like a Bootstrap button in all browsers (Thanks to https://githu...
50,0780method_with_saveHave you ever wanted to have created a method, you would like this method + save? This ...
50,0780kbKitchen Busser - Runs tests for projects in test-kitchen
50,0780imseng-capybara-webkitHeadless Webkit driver for Capybara