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157641-157660 of all 161,952 gems.
73,5020directionsA gem to easily request directions from
73,5020credoCredo provides a mechanism for storing credentials for situations where more desirable ...
73,5020boilerpipe-jrubyWrap the JAR of the boilerpipe library to be used in JRuby.
73,5020zuckermoA RubyMotion Facebook Wrapper, based of @clayallsopp's TwitterMotion wrapper.
73,5020trumpetSimple, flexible gamification tool.
73,5020obis-net-ldapNet::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight ...
73,5020notify-integrityThis gem provides means to notify Integrity for example to request new build.
73,5020motionscanA RubyMotion Moodstocks SDK image recognition wrapper
73,5020middleman-data_modelAdds simple model support to Middleman.
73,5020f1resultsGet F1 results from formula1.com
73,5020dorothy2A malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.
73,5020coffee-script-reduxRuby CoffeeScriptRedux is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScriptRedux compiler.
73,5020celsiusCommon Library Search Interface
73,5020attr_encrypted_pgcryptoA pgcrypto based Encryptor implementation for attr_encrypted
73,5020your_platformAdministrative and social network platform for closed user groups.
73,5020wortsammlerwortsammler is an environment to manage documentation. Basically it comprises of *...
73,5020vimcolorschemeAllows for creating of Vim color schemes using a nifty Ruby DSL
73,5020ruby-rapleafbgRapleaf's goal is to make the internet safe and transparent, by allowing you to evaluat...
73,5020repozishrepozish allows you to move apps where you want them, save their sizes and positions ...