Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157601-157620 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410stemcell_builderStemcell builder for Bosh
34,5410spree_pagesSimple static pages for spree
34,5410sinatra-blogWrite a gem description
34,5410salesforce_bulk_quickfixThis gem provides a super simple interface for the Salesforce Bulk API. It provides sup...
34,5410replace_replaceImprove API around {Hash,Array}#replace
34,5410polyhedraDice manipulation and rolling gem capable of handling complex RPG dice expressions, fro...
34,5410picturefillRails-Wrapper for picturefill.js
34,5410paprikaPlaceholder for gem
34,5410moderablemoderable interface gem
34,5410method_visibilityGet visibility for a method name.
34,5410mac_rotatorA utility to rotate your mac address.
34,5410hologemA gem to learn how to make gems
34,5410haitiExtraction of cucumber helpers for running binaries that I wind up writing ad-hoc for m...
34,5410capistrano-ext-puppetize-petemsCapistrano extension to run Puppet manifests contained in the application to be deployed
34,5410bblAccess the [digitally] written word via CLI. +bbl --help+ == Bbl Access the [digitally...
34,5410twitter_posterGem for auto tweeting
34,5410tex2wikiThis gem converts a tex file to mediawiki and uploads its content to a mediawiki url
34,5410rutRut is a CLI script that'll show you your routers uptime.
34,5410roboA description of your project