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400+262489751arr-pmThis library allows to you to read and write rpm packages. Written in pure ruby because...
400+262265527stripeStripe is the easiest way to accept payments online. See https://stripe.com for details.
403+260428688database_cleaner-active_recordStrategies for cleaning databases using ActiveRecord. Can be used to ensure a clean sta...
404+258684942omniauth-twitterOmniAuth strategy for Twitter
404+25871329net-smtpSimple Mail Transfer Protocol client library for Ruby.
406+2569461,202scenicAdds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails
407+251131382net-protocolThe abstract interface for net-* client.
408+25069319net-imapRuby client api for Internet Message Access Protocol
408+250520770thriftRuby bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
408+250226476mongoA Ruby driver for MongoDB
411+246382628diffyConvenient diffing in ruby
411+246536782textA collection of text algorithms: Levenshtein, Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone, Por...
413+244482726elasticsearch-modelActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.
414+243424667sidekiq-cronEnables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation or natural language)
415+240502742email_specEasily test email in RSpec, Cucumber, and MiniTest
416+237368605json-jwtJSON Web Token and its family (JSON Web Signature, JSON Web Encryption and JSON Web Key...
417+231499730artifactoryA Ruby client for Artifactory
418+230356586claide-pluginsThis CLAide plugin shows information about all available CLAide plugins ...
419+229353582corkA delightful CLI UI module.
419+229486715fuubarthe instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter