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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
479+44232276fastlaneThe easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps
479+44909953aws-sdk-imagebuilderOfficial AWS Ruby gem for EC2 Image Builder (imagebuilder). This gem is part of the AWS...
483+43243286dotenv-railsAutoload dotenv in Rails.
483+43267310fastimageFastImage finds the size or type of an image given its uri by fetching as little as nee...
483+43564607cancancanSimple authorization solution for Rails. All permissions are stored in a single location.
486+42122164net-ntpThis project was a rubyfied version of perl's Net::NTP module, (C) 2004 by James G. Wil...
486+42483525slimSlim is a template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts with...
488+41659700email_specEasily test email in RSpec, Cucumber, and MiniTest
488+413879parallelRun any kind of code in parallel processes
488+41221262kaminari-corekaminari-core includes pagination logic independent from ORMs and view libraries
488+41922963aws-sdk-sesv2Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES V2). This gem is part...
492+402464unicode-display_width[Unicode 14.0.0] Determines the monospace display width of a string using EastAsianWidt...
492+40385425guard-rspecGuard::RSpec automatically run your specs (much like autotest).
492+4071111erubiErubi is a ERB template engine for ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis
492+40226266kaminari-activerecordkaminari-activerecord lets your Active Record models be paginatable
492+40924964aws-sdk-wafv2Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS WAFV2 (WAFV2). This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
497+39313352activerecord-importA library for bulk inserting data using ActiveRecord.
497+391150aws-sdk-kmsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Key Management Service (KMS). This gem is part of the AWS...
497+39228267kaminari-actionviewkaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates
500+38180218rougeRouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments.