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461+54929983aws-sdk-connectparticipantOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Connect Participant Service (Amazon Connect Participan...
462+52182234celluloid-extrasClasses to support examples, benchmarks, or add special functionality.
463+51502553multi_testWafter-thin gem to help control rogue test/unit/autorun requires
464+50181231celluloid-poolAn implementation of an actor pool, based on the Celluloid concurrent object framework.
464+50774824aws-sdk-eventbridgeOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon EventBridge. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
466+49183232celluloid-essentialsNotifications, Internals, Logging, Probe, and essential Celluloid pieces demanding Supe...
466+492675mini_mimeA lightweight mime type lookup toy
466+49939988aws-sdk-migrationhubconfigOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Migration Hub Config. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for...
466+49907956aws-sdk-kendraOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWSKendraFrontendService (kendra). This gem is part of the AW...
470+48185233celluloid-fsmSimple finite state machines with integrated Celluloid timeout support.
471+47822869omniauth-twitterOmniAuth strategy for Twitter
471+47826873em-socksifyTransparent proxy support for any EventMachine protocol
473+46451497docker-apiA simple REST client for the Docker Remote API
473+46786832stringexSome [hopefully] useful extensions to Ruby's String class. Stringex is made up of three...
473+46197243elasticsearch-transportRuby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
476+45201246elasticsearchRuby integrations for Elasticsearch (client, API, etc.)
476+45199244elasticsearch-apiRuby API for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
476+45184229celluloid-supervisionSupervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.
479+444185astA library for working with Abstract Syntax Trees.
479+44635679delayed_jobDelayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...