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153121-153140 of all 157,164 gems.
153,093495LayoutEditorThis package is a wrapper around [LayoutScript]( for Rudy. It ...
153,093495swole-newsPulls up the latest articles in workouts
153,093495fixcaseWhen users input fields in all uppercase or all lowercase, this will titlecase it.
153,093495blaschkaLibrary to query the facebook Ads API used at Effilab.
153,093495erryAll errors have an outcome and an origin. Eleminate the origin!
153,126494safieSafie API Client in Ruby.
153,126494sigfox_apiRuby client for the Sigfox APIv2.
153,126494regexadorThis is implemented as an "external DSL" in Ruby; that is (like SQL for example), a "p...
153,126494lazy-authLazy Auth
153,126494iubenda_apiIubenda ruby client for HTTP API
153,126494svg_spritesMethods for rendering html to use inline SVG as icons.
153,126494svenpire_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,126494verticesRuby infrastructure framework pushing the limits of Hoop
153,126494wciWibbleCity Libs
153,126494exchangemarketplaceRuby client for
153,126494pointless_game_of_no_skillThis gem contains a simple game to that runs from the command line. After installation,...
153,126494moguai_view_toolProvids generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,126494rg_refreshAutomated refresh script for the AT&T Residential Gateway bypass
153,126494distributableThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,126494simplicardYou can use this library to write a card game.