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153161-153180 of all 154,801 gems.
153,157316rails-vueA simple assets pipeline wrapper for Vuejs
153,157316amixer2019A wrapper around the command-line program amixer. #amixer #alsamixer #raspberrypi
153,157316fastlane-plugin-checkbuildThis plugin will check any binary library for unwanted symbols and architectures
153,157316zc_broker_servicedescription: Write a longer description or delete this line.
153,157316omniauth-scientistOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Scientist.
153,157316bitex-bitstampRuby API for use with bitstamp.
153,157316huginn_fisheye_agentTrigger Fisheye to index a repository after changes are pushed
153,157316npm_3pp_listerGenerates a list of dependencies in package.json, with name, version and a link to the ...
153,157316gaspacho_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,157316reactivehub_sdkreactivehub_sdk is the reactivebub SDK
153,172315extensions-filesA list of all file extensions that can be used as constants in your application
153,172315tac_scribeWrite Tacview data to PostGIS database
153,172315vagrant-wizardInteractive configuration for Vagrant development environments
153,172315rabbit-slide-znz-dokku-201908[Docker Meetup Kansai #4 (19.08)]( での L...
153,172315rudash_fprudash_fp is the best functional utility ever
153,172315jekyll-robotstxtAutomatically generate a robots.txt file for your Jekyll site.
153,172315salomA simple hello world greeting in Tajik language
153,172315raygun-apmRaygun app cation performance monitoring