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153181-153200 of all 154,761 gems.
153,181310xcode-install-citrusDownload, install and upgrade Xcodes with ease.
153,181310rudash_fprudash_fp is the best functional utility ever
153,181310vbax-argon_systtest on front
153,181310onceover-metricsExample plugin for onceover
153,181310devise_token_auth_fork_dfabarbosaFor use with client side single page apps such as the venerable
153,181310oakdex-breedingPokémon Breeding Matcher and Egg Generator, based on oakdex-pokedex
153,181310final_redirect_urliAdd support to search through (potentially large) belongs_to associations in your Admin...
153,181310hivemind-rubyIf you run your own `hivemind` node, you can leverage your local subset of the blockcha...
153,181310InforNutricional"Esta gema calcula datos relacionados con la información nutricional de un alimento com...
153,181310itamae-plugin-recipe-nodenvItamae plugin to install node with nodenv
153,181310mundoWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,181310podosElegant poker hand ranker
153,181310epilogA JSON logger with Rails support
153,181310active_paginator-railsDescription of ActivePaginator.
153,196309etblogA really tiny static blog generator written in Ruby.
153, Wiki channel in navbar for wike pages.
153,196309evilcap-ruby-vncA library which implements the client VNC protocol to control VNC servers.
153,196309socksmeshThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,196309studio_game_umuellerThis is an example application that simulates a game as descirbed at http://pragmatic...