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153681-153700 of all 155,954 gems.
153,661372youzan_apiAn easy way to call the youzan API's gem
153,661372tunnelupTunnelup cli
153,683371kairos_rbRuby wrapper for Kairos API. See for more det...
153,683371scope_sql_counterA gem that provides helper to achieve association counting without hassle. It provi...
153,683371cocoapods-cmdRuns custom bash script
153,683371princeton_standard_librariesSimple jruby wrapper around the original java lib
153,683371at_emailAn email management and support toolkit
153,683371cglmCGLM bindings for Ruby
153,683371browser_scrollProvides API Around JavaScript Scrolling Functionality
153,683371housekeeperLets you delete or archive files and dirs
153,683371donfferWrite changes to yaml files based on ENV prefixes.
153,683371riparianBasically just a handful of models to make handling workflows and asynchronous server-s...
153,683371mkswapfilemkswapfile - make and enable a swap file easily.
153,683371sharpDarkThis is a jekyll theme
153,683371itamae-plugin-resource-opamitamae plugin for OPAM
153,683371thockett_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby by Michael Hartl - palindrome gem.
153,697370fluent-plugin-elasticsearch2%Elasticsearch output plugin for Fluent event collector
153,697370crawler-movie-imdbThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,697370surf_rockawaySimple ruby based CLI application to pull a surf report for Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY
153,697370common_cartridge_parserParse IMS Common Cartridge packages