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153681-153700 of all 161,077 gems.
153,671702drteethDr. Teeth
153,671702jekyll-theme-cvent-dev-portalProvides consistent style elements for the Cvent Dev Portal Guide generated using Jekyl...
153,684701yoti_sandboxThis gem contains the tools you need to test your Ruby back-end integration.
153,684701locateStoreFinds the nearby tesco stores as per given location and return n no. of stores
153,684701qubole-redis-railsRedis for Ruby on Rails
153,684701path_compareGem to compare 2 paths and return the similarity
153,684701jekyll-polyglotterFast open source i18n plugin for Jekyll blogs.
153,684701sixarm_ruby_active_record_migration_mockActiveRecord migration mock object for testing
153,684701checkupsRuntime checks on production conditions.
153,684701active_commandThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,684701rotation_hashA Hash descendant with elements count limit and rotation
153,684701hanami-webpackManage Hanami assets with Webpack
153,684701dev_view_toolThis Gem is going to be badass.
153,684701cummings_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,684701envelope_allocThis gem can use gaussian algorithm allocation a number
153,684701hola_mattheardA simple Hello World gem
153,684701minitest-reporters-litrMinitest reporter for [litr](