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153661-153680 of all 156,008 gems.
153,656379mobb-activerecordExtends mobb with ActiveRecord helpers.
153,656379code2pdf_rdeterreConvert your source code to PDF
153,656379cloudflare-dynamic-dnsDont rely on shady tools for updating your ip.
153,656379hatefreewebThis gem connects to the API and classifies text for hate speech detection
153,656379vta_view_toolAt the momment it can only build a copyright.
153,656379omniauth-rechargeReCharge strategy for OmniAuth.
153,656379deepak_gemProvides generated HTML data for rails application
153,656379shitty_developer_simulatorWant to know what it's like to have me in your dev team? This gem is for you!
153,656379rails_syncDescription of RailsSync.
153,656379treasure-gameIntro to Ruby course covering essential elements of language
153,656379league_track_abrophyLeagueTrack is a commandline ruby gem for calculating the final score for a league give...
153,656379TauHelloHello from Tau!
153,656379archaeaA Rails plugin to move legacy data into a separate table
153,674378scss_lint-govukShared scss-lint rules for SASS projects in GOV.UK
153,674378staff_barShow a bar with general project information for administrators.
153,674378ooze-parserooze-parser to boost data integration and treatment
153,674378cocoapods-packager-mlsCocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...
153,674378bundler-changelogsA bundler plugin that shows changelogs of your gem dependencies that specify changelog ...
153,674378ecocashEcoCash is the easiest way to accept mobile payments online. See ...