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Most downloads over all time
153661-153680 of all 157,191 gems.
153,660472wesenderWesender - RubyOnRails application integration library
153,660472business-engineerruby gem for business engineer
153,660472ruby-slugifyURL-friendly slugify in Ruby
153,660472redmine_avmAVM support for Redmine.
153,660472kubiakKademlia DHT
153,660472noyoA client to Noyo's insurance enrollment fulfillment service
153,660472active_objectsForm objects for ActiveRecord models.
153,660472marvin-trejo11-mercadopago-sdkMercadoPago Ruby SDK
153,660472idempotent_blockExecute passed transaction block by once using database unique key.
153,660472localdnsresolverTo fully and easy run a local Drupal development system you need more then just a docke...
153,660472chain_of_responsibilityRuby implementation of Chain of Responsibility pattern.
153,660472sidekiq-retry-summaryYou get break down of retry queue by error messages and also direct link to view a list...
153,660472sf_helperSaleforce helper
153,660472goodboyA simple CQRS library for Ruby.
153,660472raloseSearch Rails logs for a string - get all the log lines for matching requests.
153,660472goodguide-healthapplication health summary check/endpoint
153,660472tippy_NextoliveA gem for geneating tips values based on.
153,678471circle_arrayEndless array
153,678471train-telnetAllows applications using Train connect via Telnet
153,678471fastlane-plugin-secret_keepersecret_keeper is a wrapped on keychain access.