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153661-153680 of all 161,144 gems.
153,655709proxy-mateGenerates a PDF with standard size playing cards of your choice
153,655709jekyll-sound_cloudJekyll plugin adds Liquid Tag for generating embedded Soundcloud iframes
153,655709logic_analyzerRuby implementation of a propositional logic parser
153,655709gql_clientGraphQl Client gem to make requests using Graph Query Language
153,655709rpetriTesting ruby code with Petri nets
153,655709snappler_contable_multicurrencyAgrega modelo contable a una aplicacion
153,655709devise_remoteAllows Devise to authenticate users from central-authentication services like LDAP and ...
153,655709variety-format-loggerdefault, JSON, LTSV logger.
153,655709jekyll-theme-cvent-dev-portalProvides consistent style elements for the Cvent Dev Portal Guide generated using Jekyl...
153,655709pdf-report-generatorThis generator is based on the binaries of the
153,655709rybaiRussian names and addresses generator
153,673708diagram_factory_compA DiagramFactory composition. Composites the Interface and Implementation. Donations su...
153,673708locateStoreFinds the nearby tesco stores as per given location and return n no. of stores
153,673708mmrederp-stylesMmredErp style guides and shared style configs.
153,673708jav_libraryJavLibrary client
153,673708pry-boxThis gem enables debuging using the pry console by requiring the pry gem and useful plu...
153,673708svgjs-drawAn extension of svg.js which allows to draw elements with mouse
153,673708dynomaticGem to autoscale Heroku worker dynos based on number of pending jobs