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153,720705hshek-logstash-output-sumologicThis gem is a Logstash output plugin to deliver the log or metrics to Sumo Logic cloud ...
153,720705phonenumber_jpHyphenate Japanese phone number
153,720705studio_game_trevloreA simple random game, made from The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course
153,720705administrate-serialized_fieldsAutomatically deserialize administrate fields on form submit.
153,720705hola_dunstontcA simple hello world gem
153,720705open_rpgUnder Construction.
153,720705active_commandThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,720705sorcery-hhSorcery provider for HeadHunter
153,720705pry-golumn`golumn` command for Pry
153,720705word_replacerRuby command line tool to replace a word in a directory or file
153,720705dev_view_toolThis Gem is going to be badass.
153,720705cummings_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,720705spencerSpencer massively simplifies the distribution process of enterprise apps.
153,720705onion_omegaControl the Onion Omega GPIO pins with Ruby
153,720705envelope_allocThis gem can use gaussian algorithm allocation a number
153,720705words_with_jaredThis is an example gem.
153,737704nmax-aoirgfReads text data from the input stream. Upon completion of the input, displays the large...
153,737704cleversteam-styleRuboCop implementation for Cleversteam projects.
153,737704base32.rbBase32 is one of several base 32 transfer encodings. Base32 uses a 32-character set com...
153,737704codenation-jekyll-slides-themeA simple blog theme using Slides.