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153721-153740 of all 155,954 gems.
153,714369devcamp_view_tool_tutorialProvide generated HTML for data used in rails
153,714369dark_linksProvides concerns to find broken urls in blobs of markup and markdown.
153,714369roda_api_generatorA collection of useful Ruby generator scripts for scaffolding APIs.
153,714369hakxel_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,714369graphiql-rails-forkUse the GraphiQL IDE for GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. This gem includes an engine, a con...
153,714369hola_satoWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,727368polygon-validatorValidate points inside polygons
153,727368nomadeGem that deploys nomad jobs
153,727368cocoapods-packager-mlsCocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...
153,727368soul_validationsAnother validation library
153,727368histDetailed version tracking of an item and its associations in Ruby on Rails. Based on Pa...
153,727368activea_dmin_trixA activeamdin input for the Trix Editor -
153,727368dsapiRuby client to consume Joyent's SmartOS Dataset API. More info at https://datasets.joye...
153,727368i18n-wigodoAdds a rake task to your Rails app that lets you fetch your translations from a Google ...
153,727368shelleyShelley allows to convert your classes and method into a shell supporting nested comman...
153,727368rb_battleshipImplementation of the Battleship code kata
153,727368hola_negabaroA simple hello world gem
153,727368lita-onewheel-old-redditLita interface to give you old reddit links because new reddit sucks.
153,727368envoy_activerecord_pg_stuffAdds support for working with temporary tables and pivot tables (PostgreSQL only)
153,727368simpleprintgem created for testing purpose