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153701-153720 of all 155,954 gems.
153,697370typed_modelA Ruby library for defining data schemas via classes with typed fields and built in hyd...
153,697370simple_gem_demoA simple hello world gem
153,697370fssHandling forms, services and serialization the nice way.
153,697370lita-scorekeeperLita port of
153,697370fastlane-plugin-bugtagsUpload symbols to Bugtags
153,697370XomponentRuby based react rendering system
153,697370coupa_snake_view_toolThe description
153,697370data2rubyDefine a DSL in Ruby to validate and access any data
153,697370choota_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,697370kaizenkaizen your Rails application using a gem test.
153,697370sykeA gem for generating fake values for testing or development.
153,697370spec_handlerA quite simple gem which helps your podspec compile your swift code. It organizes the f...
153,714369ffprobeffprobe yo
153,714369active_record-narcissusImproves the class reflection of relationships
153,714369omniauth-producthuntOmniAuth strategy for ProductHunt (
153,714369user_reviews_altWrapper for mulitple user review APIs
153,714369jekyll-theme-semantic2A Semantic UI -based Jekyll theme.
153,714369infurarbSimple wrapper around Infura's JSON-RPC API
153,714369share_urlsRuby client for Dynamic shareable links