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Most downloads over all time
166181-166200 of all 167,288 gems.
166,175363inspec-reporter-tapPlugin following TAP/TAP13
166,175363matthewcliSimple CLI to call U2fhost
166,175363rswimRSwim is a Ruby implementation of the SWIM gossip protocol, a mechanism for discovering...
166,175363simply_inline_svgSimplyInlineSVG helps you inline svg images into HTML template in a (really) simple way.
166,175363techsbirt_view_toolGenerates HTML data for Rails applications to use in the view.
166,175363spider_frameworkA lightweight ruby spider framework.
166,187362fastlane-plugin-doccAutomate docc - documentation for swift frameworks and packages
166,187362weather_govRuby implementation of the NWS API Web Service
166,187362calc_satsatellite orbit calculation, power calculation, etc.
166,187362cookiejar-futureAllows for parsing and returning cookies in Ruby HTTP client code
166,187362themeoneTrialling new theme 1
166,187362esayariEsayari is "esa" api wrapper.
166,187362GPIlib for writing gems
166,187362interactive_brokersSimple way to interact with Interactive brokers via HTTP.
166,187362mos6502A 6502 microprocessor in ruby.
166,187362rabbit-slide-kou-scipy-japan-2020Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. You can use A...
166,187362rack-jwt-decodeRack middleware to decode the JWT token and add the payload to the Rack env
166,187362query_response-active_recordThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,187362sidekiq_adhoc_schedulerTrigger job schedulers adhoc from Sidekiq web admin
166,200361helium-dependencySimple dependency injection for ruby objects