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178041-178060 of all 178,161 gems.
178,039150cfdtest0901A simple hello world gem
178,039150cosmoverseRuby client for the cosmos ecosystem.
178,043149activejob-nullAn ActiveJob adapter that discards all jobs.
178,043149redis-store-pikaNamespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...
178,043149vast-sd-cliLittle CLI tool to run and provision Stable Diffusion on (WIP)
178,043149terminal_calendarUtility for manipulating a calendar in the command line
178,043149mongoid-ultraRuby ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB. Maintained by the community, f...
178,048148edoc2-apiHelping rubyist integration with edoc2 API easier.
178,048148capistrano-scm-icopyCopy strategy for capistrano 3.x
178, API wrapper in Ruby
178,051147phormAmazing forms for Phlex
178,051147gitlab-reviewersGitlabRoulette choose reviewer and a maintainer for your merge request automatically
178,051147template_creatorGenerates the template files for the gem development. has two functions one to create a...
178,055146google-cloud-migration_centerA unified platform that helps you accelerate your end-to-end cloud journey from your cu...
178,055146immosquare-extensionsThe immosquare-extensions gem provides a set of utility extensions for various Ruby cor...
178,055146genesis_rubyRuby Client for Genesis Payment Processing Gateway
178,055146saba-webhook-gatewayThis library provides Webhook gateway library and GoogleChat poster as example.
178,055146maths_calculatorA Ruby gem for performing basic math calculations.
178,060145aliyun-facebodyRuby Implements For Aliyun FaceBody API