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178041-178060 of all 180,418 gems.
178,038463finance_velocityThe finance library provides a Ruby interface for working with interest rates, mortgage...
178,038463print_wrapwrap a block of code in a before/after message
178,043462cucoA simple and flexible file watcher
178,043462error_tracking_open_apiThis schema describes the API endpoints for the error tracking feature
178,043462svcbaseBase service code
178,043462gemakvWay to access securely to AKV secrets
178,043462rspec-permutationsAn experimental RSpec extension for test permutations.
178,043462fastlane-plugin-auth_with_github_appGet a GitHub access token using the GitHub App
178,043462audiencesAudiences notify the Rails app when a SCIM backend updates a user affecting matching au...
178,043462cryptorankCryptoRank Ruby is a lightweight gem for accessing the CryptoRank API web services.
178,043462raikar05Write a short summary, because Rubygems requires one.
178,043462speakeasy_pbSpeakeasy google rpc binding
178,053461labkit-rubyThis is not the labit you're looking for, please see gitlab-labkit
178,053461rubocop-cache-venturesCache Ventures RuboCop config.
178,053461jekyll-generate-tagsClassify Jekyll post content automatically using NLP
178,053461urailsSome long description.
178,053461cookie_debuggerDebug Cookie overflow in easy way
178,059460riverqueueA fast job queue for Go.
178,059460quickfix_formatterFormat rspec output for vim quickfix consumption