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178021-178040 of all 178,161 gems.
178,019154breeze_iconsA subset of the KDE Plasma Breeze icon set packaged as a gem
178,019154google-sheet-apiA client for using Google sheets and forms in pure Ruby.
178,019154tiny_barlike a progress bar, but can also be used to measure used capacity of something
178,019154ton-sdk-rubyGem Ton SDK Ruby for all TVM ruby projects
178,019154omniauth-quireOmniauth Strategy for Quire
178,019154monadic-exceptionsA bridge between a exception and a Result monad provided by dry-monads gem
178,019154hola_mundo_hnRuby gem for test
178,028153huginn_transilien_agentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
178,028153lean-microsoft-graphThis gem provides a set of methods to interact with Microsoft Graph API.
178,028153oidc-testTest gem
178,031152make-ruby-gemA gem to partition an array of integers based on parity
178,031152flutter-deployflutter deploy
178,031152fasta_motif_sliding_generatorGenerates the sliding iterable for the given fasta stretch and check its starting motifs
178,034151parity_prop_testingA gem to partition an array of integers based on parity
178,034151glim_aiAn easy way to access multiple large language models.
178,034151proc_evalAdds an `evaulate` refinement method to Proc and Object instances. The goal of thi...
178,034151seven_apiSend SMS & text-to-speech messages via the seven SMS Gateway.
178,034151ultra_settingsUnified configuration for Rails applications that allows for configuration via environm...
178,039150session_authenticationSession Authentication
178,039150google-apis-playgrouping_v1alpha1This is the simple REST client for Google Play Grouping API V1alpha1. Simple REST clien...