Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137841-137860 of all 141,626 gems.
34,5770opentox-compoundToxbank compound service
34,5770nifflerA tool for getting software metadata from various online tools
34,5770librarian-puppet-vagrantA middleware for vagrant to run librarian-puppet before up
34,5770hobo-jqueryJQuery support for Hobo
34,5770disqussedLightweight wrapper around the Disqus V3 API
34,5770delayed_job_csiDelayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...
34,5770minitest-matcher-libraryAdd a library of useful matchers that work with zenspider/minitest-matchers
34,5770linkemperor-apiLink Emperor API for Customers and Vendors
34,5770gesund-redisPlugin for Gesund health checker to check Redis health
34,5770frontkickExecute a command simply!
34,5770fluent-plugin-http-listfluent plugin to accept multiple events in one HTTP request
34,5770fiscal_dateRuby gem for working with fiscal dates
34,5770crushlovely_table_helperAdds a helper method for generating HTML tables from collections in Rails. Modifed by C...
34,5770compass-retina-spritesAuto production of retina sprites
34,5770cinch-forecastForecast is a Cinch plugin for getting the weather forecast
34,5770Tictactoe-alu4116"Juego del tres en raya"
34,5770thin-serviceAn easy way to create thin services
34,5770tankardConnector to the BreweryDB api
34,5770space-saver-redisA pure Ruby implementation of the SpaceSaver algorithm for approximating the top K elem...
34,5770rspec-radarMonkey patch rspec-mocks to check for method existence