Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137841-137860 of all 137,939 gems.
122,5980rsynthRsynth aims to be a simple to use audio synthesis library for use in ruby
122,5980tic_tac_toe_wilbertcrConsole Tic Tac Toe game
122,5980triadTriad allows you to access data from keys, descriptors, and values
122,5980to_spsExports a collection of Active Record Relation to a SPSS syntax
122,5980sereth_json_specA gem to generate JSON schema and output from object instances
122,5980catarseThe first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world
122,5980text_analyzrTextAnalyzr: Analizes files on the fly with some nice output info about the file
122,5980vagrant-smartosSmartOS Hypervisor provider for Vagrant
122,5980zionGitHub style deployments
122,5980xployAppway client.
122,5980catarse_coreThe first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world
122,5980basic_table_sorterA Ruby on Rails basic table sorter gem
122,5980yonceAll the single ladies!
122,5980socialite_jsIntegrate socialite.js into Ruby on Rails. check http://socialitejs.com/
122,5980wormAn irb driver for Frankified apps
122,5980vines-couchdbStores Vines user data in Apache CouchDB.
122,5980vagrant-guest-omniosVagrant 1.7+ plugin to provide guest support for omnios (interim prior to core support)...
122,5980thor_hammerThorHammer provides web api for your Thor CLI.
122,5980vr-corelibLibrary to make GUIs with Ruby. This library is a dependency of visualruby. This libr...
122,5980vagrant-nodeThis Vagrant plugin allows you to configure a vm environment as a node in a client/serv...