Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137841-137860 of all 139,648 gems.
95,1490ionic_git_scriptsThese scripts are helpers for managing developer workflow when using git repos hosted o...
95,1490divideStart Procfile processes in different Terminal/iTerm tabs
95,1490cfpCall for Papers Rails Engine used for the organization of MagmaRails
95,1490ansible-sseAnsible allows you to stream events to a partial using ActionController::Live
95,1490homeflow_apiA gem for dealing the homeflow api
95,1490json_in_batchesEncode json in batches
95,1490hola_drewchA simple hello world gem
95,1490guidanceGuidance is a support tool for creating a fast and simple component based html style gu...
95,1490graph-railsGraph generator for rails.
95,1490fullstack-contactsContact form and backend for fullstack-cms
95,1490angular-tableHtml tables with sorting and pagination.
95,1490insert_at_caret-railsInsert string at caret in text area.
95,1490expandurlExpands URLS shortened by public services. Supports all the well-known providers.
95,1490capawsextImport the server ips, roles, groups from AWS server tags
95,1490jalcine-tlsmailThis gem provides SSL/TLS access to POP and SMTP servers by embedding the libssl librar...
95,1490infinite_timeProvides a representation of a (positively or negatively) infinite time.
95,1490crx_appidCalculate Chrome extension appid from pem
95,1490coppolaFunctional and load testing library for APIs