Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142341-142360 of all 153,705 gems.
111,5881ontomde-demo-bpmThis is a demonstration project for our acegi integration == FEATURES: Generates a we...
111,5881moretextGenerate random chinese text
111,5881lastrbAnother ruby library for last.fm webservices
111,5881harakiriharakiri is a simple gem for url shortening, using a tinyurl and googl service
111,5881guard-sunspotGuard::Sunspot automatically starts and stops your solr server.
111,5881dirndlUse Latte and DNS::Zonefile to serve text based zonefiles via DNS. This is a toy projec...
111,5881tens3easy backups to s3
111,5881spartanSomething you'll really like. Or not, I don't care.
111,5881ruby_prototypeAllows the class-oriented Ruby language to double as a simple-object prototype language...
111,5881RedNailsA template driven data scraper
111,5881rbabelAutomatic language translation
111,5881ramon-deviseFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
111,5881project-rootAdd library paths
111,5881poscvtPosition Converter is a ruby gem to gonvert positions (latitude/longitude) between diff...
111,5881organicinternet-paperclipEasy upload management for ActiveRecord
111,5881ontomde-uml2-crankFIX (describe your package)
111,5881norwegian-county-selectRails select helper for Norwegian Counties
111,5881musician_analyticsI wrote this quick library for aggregating analytics for my band, Operation ID. I wante...
111,5881method-serializerA simple class method wrapper, which allow to serialize method return value and argumen...
111,5881lstoll-feedzirraA feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan...