Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142341-142360 of all 151,947 gems.
94,3440eioeio - a libeio wrapper for Ruby
94,3440codejamRunner library for Google's Codejam
94,3440views_in_migrationsViewsInMigrations provides helper methods for using MySQL views behind ActiveRecord mod...
94,3440thirtysixthspan-magentSimple job queue system based on mongodb
94,3440tavern-redisImplements a Redis-based hub for Redis.
94,3440string_replacerFor example, if you need to make sure that a particular package is unmasked in /etc/por...
94,3440routingProvides a generic interface for routing services that can by used to calculate directi...
94,3440relevant-githubParses github activity feeds
94,3440omniauth-renrenan omniauth strategy for renren
94,3440fuzzytimeSample output: 2:30AM => half past 2 7:50AM => 10 til 8 12:00PM => noon ...
94,3440dabcupYou can centralize all you backup policies on a single server, and then store dumps to ...
94,3440create-newCreate a new instance of a Rails model in controller actions in one call.
94,3440constA clean and simple way to manage your application's per-environment constants
94,3440collins_stateProvides basic framework for managing stateful processes with collins
94,3440webget_ruby_dsl_errorWebGet Ruby Gem: Domain Specific Language Error, suitable for building DSLs
94,3440twin_validatorA simple twin field validator for Rails 3.
94,3440toeA tap development suite
94,3440sinatra-cssA Sinatra Extension that makes working with CSS easy.
94,3440safe_forkSafe forking for active record
94,3440rpv_swingA GUI framework for Swing & RPV