Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151661-151680 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811keep_aliveGem that will give you whether the app & db is alive or not
140,0811dsctestA simple test gem - it does nothing at all
140,0811databasedotcom-isolatedIsolate databasedotcom materialized clases to work with multiple orgs safely
140,0811hoverboardAdds a toolbar to your rails app that directs your clients to test stories that have be...
140,0811http_sequenceLoads and replays sequences of HTTP requests from HAR (HTTP Archive) files.
140,0811holoA simple hello to my website gem
140,0811globalize3-jovotoRails I18n: de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord 3 model/data translation.
140,0811friendzModule include classes
140,0811komachi_alive_monitoringAlive Monitoring of Application Server and DB Server.
140,0811google4r-checkout-jnRuby library to access the Google Checkout service and implement notification handlers.
140,0811ehoch_simple_formForms made easy!
140,0811ebay_historicalsThis gem will allow your rails app to interact with TeraPeak's api to access historical...
140,0811davekaro-custom_error_messageThis plugin gives you the option to not have your custom validation error message prefi...
140,0811librarian-puppet-vagrantA middleware for vagrant to run librarian-puppet before up
140,0811hobo-jqueryJQuery support for Hobo
140,0811disqussedLightweight wrapper around the Disqus V3 API
140,0811delayed_job_csiDelayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...
140,0811is-lazyProvides an object-placeholder for lazy and threaded calculations.
140,0811eoflifeProgrammatic access to the Encylopedia of Life's API
140,0811holypackA pack that adds handy libraries that are usually needed in most webapps