Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151661-151680 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664qunit-cli-runnerCLI Runner for QUnit tests
110,1664openxjs-railsopenxjs.js via asset pipeline
110,1664multi_tomlA gem to provide easy switching between different TOML backends, including toml, toml-r...
110,1664erchef-solrVendored Apache Solr for use with Chef Server
110,1664dhl_memnosyneTrack DHL shipment.
110,1664decorated_csvCSV generator utilising the decorator pattern
110,1664zqframeworkOHGEM for FrameWork
110,1664slug-compilerTurn application source into deployable slugs
110,1664rspec-fire-rolesMock roles, not objects. For use with rspec-fire.
110,1664lazy_listRuby is not Haskell. It is NOT a functional language and it isn't meant to be lazy, and...
110,1664kellyreddinga gem
110,1664api-validatorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
110,1664wallabeeWallab.ee Api Wrapper
110,1664uniformRails Forms done right
110,1664termpicDisplay images in terminal.
110,1664resque-squashA Resque failure backend for http://squash.io
110,1664radwhere_authAuthenticates with a Nuance RadWhere web service.
110,1664refinerycms-widgetsRuby on Rails Widgets extension for Refinery CMS
110,1664cn_md_emojiRails gem which adds emoji parsing to markdown