Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151721-151740 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811full_titleA simple gem for creating titles in HTML
140,0811freewillI will choose Freewill!
140,0811framerA simple gem for creating directory structures from YAML files.
140,0811haps_studio_gameThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course,...
140,0811dropmyemail-openstackAPI Binding for OpenStack. With Swauth authentication for Swift
140,0811jasmine-stealth-railsjasmine-stealth for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline
140,0811invoicesGenerate monospaced .txt invoices at the command line using Git Comm...
140,0811hola_liamA simple hello world gem
140,0811indian_locationsA Database of States, Districts and Sub-districts
140,0811HelloGemA simple hello world gem
140,0811gemjarhqAlias for the gemjar Gem
140,0811has_partialCheck if a partial can be rendered inside Rails views
140,0811guided_pathParser for making interactive exercises in a human readable DSL
140,0811guard-simple_shellA guard that runs a shell command once, even when there are multiple file changes
140,0811git-find-branching-pointA Ruby script for git that helps you find the branching point between two git branches.
140,0811duckinator-fakefsA fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
140,0811deckrDeckr is a utility for deck.js. - Generate a Sinatra application for deck.js. - Easy t...
140,0811databasedotcom_cloudfujiA ruby wrapper for the Force.com REST API
140,0811ice-railsThe NYTimes's track changes library for the Rails 3 asset pipeline.
140,0811ebayapi-awtA ruby library for interacting with the eBay XML Trading API, based on self-generated r...