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157661-157680 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410test_bisectIf a leaky test is causing an unrelated test to fail, "rake test:bisect[victim]" will s...
34,5410ted_apiA wrapper for the TED Talks API.
34,5410solr-clientfast solr client for ruby
34,5410sendicateUse this Sendicate API wrapper to subscribe your users to your Sendicate mailing lists.
34,5410scopperfieldScopes magic
34,5410rrdgraphRRD Graph
34,5410oura noun processor for we.gem
34,5410MissionhubConsume the Missionhub API easily with this Ruby Gem
34,5410hopfieldHopfield networks can be used for smart pattern recollections. It's recalling patterns ...
34,5410explainificationExplainifies ruby objects and classes in the console by showing you their source structure
34,5410distributaryDistribute webhooks to multiple recipients
34,5410crypto_tickerCollection of public data API urls for various online crypto-...
34,5410banjo-apn_senderBased on Kali Donovan's APN sender 1.x. 2.0 keep things lean - we removed the resque la...
34,5410xiami_sauceA Xiami Downloader.
34,5410watermark_paperclip_processorWatermark processor for Paperclip gem
34,5410warden-redirectSimple gem for throwing redirects in warden.
34,5410version50A student-friendly SCM abstraction layer.
34,5410vagrant-box-updatervagrant plugin which save details about added box image (image creation timestamp image...
34,5410tralalaA Rails test gem that exposes and marks the calls that touches ...
34,5410studio_game_rcThis is an application created during The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, ...