Daily Downloads Ranking

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157681-157700 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410passagewayA Ruby-based client for localtunnel
34,5410online_nowSimple solution to grab all the online users within the last 5 minutes of activity
34,5410one_passwordFile to operate with 1Password's Agile Keychain
34,5410google_scraperScrapes first 10 pages of google with given query
34,5410export_csvExportCsv is a small library intended to simplify the common steps involved with export...
34,5410country_select_yamlProvides a simple helper to get an HTML select list of countries by a YAML file. The l...
34,5410yokeAlias your current directory for fast directory access.
34,5410tvd-awsmeawsme Ubuntu bootstrap for ec2, vagrant
34,5410trp_studio_gameThis is the studio game read me
34,5410reraiseAdds a line to the Exception's backtrace corresponding to line where missing call origi...
34,5410ratchetedProvide simple access to the Ratchet rapid prototyping framework
34,5410rack-chrome_frameInsert a Chrome Frame install prompt for IE requests
34,5410vagrant-brightboxEnables Vagrant to manage servers in Brightbox Cloud.
34,5410supertermA terminal that focuses on remote control for various events.
34,5410super_cacheA simple caching middleware for rails
34,5410studiogame_ebertjRead me.
34,5410ShippingInfoProvides an interface to get shipping rates and transit time for Fedex, UPS, and USPS
34,5410scout_rails_proxy_proxyMonitors a Ruby on Rails application and reports detailed metrics on performance to Sco...
34,5410rseg1.9A Chinese Word Segmentation(中文分词) routine in pure Ruby
34,5410rack_doublesRack middleware for creating faking responses for HTTP web services that an application...