Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157701-157720 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410negval-omniauth-yandexOmniAuth strategy for Yandex.ru
34,5410mongoid-solrSolr integration for mongoid
34,5410minitest-spec-expectExpect syntax for minitest specs.
34,5410inputmask-multi-railsInputmask Multi for Rails. https://github.com/andr-04/inputmask-multi
34,5410excelx_previewGem that extracts first 10 rows from an excelx file.Supports simple formulas.
34,5410essHelper classes and methods for creating ESS XML feeds with Ruby.
34,5410erlnixifyErlnixify's purpose is to rectify a problem in Erlang. At the moment the Erlang VM has...
34,5410codusOrganize your javascript across namespaces matching your controllers and actions. Get a...
34,5410brainclusterfuckProvides a clean interface to arrays of Brainfuck VMs, primarily to use for asynchronou...
34,5410autobotCreate hubot from scratch in seconds!
34,5410trinidad_sidekiq_extensionRuns Sidekiq workers within the Trinidad application server
34,5410timcharper-jruby-poiA rubyesque library for manipulating spreadsheets and other document types for jruby, u...
34,5410studio_game_2This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course,...
34,5410ruby_is_forkedHandle resource issues in forked Ruby processes - File descriptors, DB connections, etc.
34,5410logolonger description of your gem
34,5410libv8-stDistributes the V8 JavaScript engine in binary and source forms in order to support fas...
34,5410duct_tapeA general-purpose utility library for Ruby
34,5410census_shapesImports all the US Census Geographies into a PostGIS database.
34,5410cassandra_complexBasic model - wrapper for CQL(Cassandra Query Language) operations.
34,5410vintWinemaker for Homebrew