Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174761-174780 of all 179,948 gems.
69,4180simple_siQuickly call an SIAlertView in one line: SimpleSI.alert('Hello World!')
69,4180refinerycms-page_seederSimple helper class to make life a bit easier when seeding RefineryCMS pages.
69,4180rails800Description of Rails800.
69,4180omniauth-stormzOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Stormz.
69,4180mover_postgresMove ActiveRecord records across tables like it ain't no thang
69,4180knife-stashA knife plugin for Atlassian Stash.
69,4180hash_compareA gem to compare Hashes
69,4180einVery simple 2D physics simulator
69,4180wrap_methodUseful for callbacks, benchmarking, profiling, code graphs.
69,4180transit_in_uaRuby API for transit.in.ua
69,4180tavern-historyAdds support for history to tavern.
69,4180suj-kana-validatorAdds validates_is_full_kana method to rails attributes.
69,4180studio_game_tonigSample project use to learn ruby.
69,4180stativusStativus provides a way to define state in a client facing application. It is a port o...
69,4180spx-resque-multi-job-forksWhen your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your a...
69,4180noodall-components-quoteA quote component for Noodall
69,4180i18n_fieldsTranslatable fields for ActiveRecordSchema
69,4180heraclesA Workflow Manager with a Hydra Project Leaning.
69,4180html5-utils-railsTime to use HTML5 and CSS3 now!!!