Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174761-174780 of all 175,801 gems.
132,6270wallabeeWallab.ee Api Wrapper
132,6270termpicDisplay images in terminal.
132,6270testbedsManage multiple testbed environments for your gems
132,6270shorteeShortee message parser and specification for tracking events.
132,6270before_or_404adds before_filter which renders 404 page if exception was raised
132,6270aravindgemA simple hello world gem
132,6270TYLERExceptions, done right.
132,6270teeworldsTeeworlds is a multiplayer shooter. This gem allows you to fetch all available game ser...
132,6270synpmA basic plugin manager for Syndi.
132,6270steffiFFI bindings to the igraph library
132,6270ssl_scannerGet ssl information from domains
132,6270sequel_load_data_infileProvides LOAD DATA INFILE support for mysql datasets
132,6270cinch-calculateCinch Plugin to alow users to pass mathematical problems to the bot for evaluation
132,6270biweek_finderUsed for an internal project but possibly useful elsewhere?
132,6270beeleadsA Ruby interface to the Beeleads API.
132,6270tavignanoA tool to help automate more complex Heroku deploys, stage pushes, and rollbacks
132,6270statsy-appClient gem for Statsy
132,6270bradMy very own gem.
132,6270basassBaSass is a Sass framework to use as a base for mobile first responsive design.