Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174781-174800 of all 175,801 gems.
132,6270asirraImplements view helpers for the ASIRRA CAPTCHA system for Rails-based websites
132,6270slurmThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
132,6270widget_builderA widget builder tool
132,6270sudo-gmapsmarker-railsBundles sudo.gmapsmarker and some TaskRabbit-style marker icons for use with the Rails ...
132,6270capistrano_misc_recipesmisc recipes for capistrano
132,6270bitzer_storeBitzerStore can treat individual cache clusters in Rails.
132,6270base32-multipure-ruby encoding and decoding of Base32 with support for zbase32 and Crockford's base32
132,6270arti_marksimple and customizable text markup language for EPUB
132,6270anti_objectInvert any object
132,6270strelka-adminStrelka is a framework for creating and deploying Mongrel2 web applications in Ruby, an...
132,6270simple-class-loaderSimpleClassLoader for JRuby
132,6270buildgemIt is not a general purpose library
132,6270tillless-coreTillless utilities
132,6270teelaunchTeelaunch is the only swag service provider ("SSP") for crowdfunding platforms & projects.
132,6270serp_metricsRuby interface to the SERP Metrics API
132,6270bretelsFork of thoughtbot's Suspenders for use at Brightin.
132,6270agilityjs-railsAgilityJS as a gem. Check out http://agilityjs.com/ for more information!
132,6270telebearsGem for scraping data from various Berkeley sites.
132,6270table-querytable-query is a library to query table data by easy way.
132,6270suedeA simple hello world gem