Mbklein's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,0902,751rsolrRSolr aims to provide a simple and extensible library for working with Solr
22,4772,790equivalent-xmlCompares two XML Nodes (Documents, etc.) for certain semantic equivalencies. Curre...
33,91410,752active-fedoraActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...
45,6326,877hydra-headHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.
56,0847,286hydra-access-controlsAccess controls for project hydra
66,1497,303hydra-coreHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full...
76,92711,209solrizerUse solrizer to populate solr indexes. You can run solrizer from within your app, usin...
87,15011,743omOM (Opinionated Metadata): A library to help you tame sprawling XML schemas like MODS. ...
97,51712,509confstructA simple, hash/struct-based configuration object
107,66811,004browse-everythingAJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services
117,89611,135rubydoraFedora Commons REST API ruby library
127,8999,631noidNice Opaque Identifier
138,0029,423ldpLinked Data Platform client library
148,0379,270hydra-derivativesDerivative generation plugin for hydra
158,1628,870hydra-editorA basic metadata editor for hydra-head
168,17410,073hydraProject Hydra Stack Dependencies
178,2378,545qaProvides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...
188,3569,741hydra-file_characterizationTo provide a wrapper for file characterization
198,5289,697hydra-worksUsing this data model should enable easy collaboration amongst Samvera projects.
208,65215,265jettywrapperSpin up a jetty instance (e.g., the one at https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-jetty)...
219,5979,821hydra-pcdmPortland Common Data Model (PCDM)
229,77810,909active_encodeThis gem provides an interface to transcoding services such as Ffmpeg, Amazon Elastic T...
239,9979,601dot-propertiesJava-style .properties file manipulation with a light touch
2410,0547,433hyraxHyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...
2510,1848,986iiif_manifestIIIF http://iiif.io/ defines an API for presenting related images in a viewer. This tra...
2610,50310,852sufiaSufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...
2711,56210,695bixbyA Style Configuration for RuboCop
2811,778106,746curation_concernsA Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")
2911,90710,452noid-railsNoid identifier services for Rails-based applications.
3012,06613,162sufia-modelsModels and services for sufia
3112,56915,265hydra-collectionsA rails engine for managing Hydra Collections
3212,78112,509samvera-nesting_indexerSamvera nested collections indexing
3313,15870,766active_fedora-noidNoid identifier services for ActiveFedora-based applications.
3413,82610,655iiif-image-apiRuby APIs for working with IIIF
3514,64523,866hydra-batch-editRails engine to do batch editing with curation_concerns
3615,25214,738hydra-role-managementRails engine to do user roles in an RDBMS for hydra-head
3717,320144,505active_fedora-registered_attributesAn ActiveFedora extension for registring attributes
3817,96419,746hydra-remote_identifierHandles the registration and minting of remote identifiers (i.e. DOI, ARK, ORCID)
3918,26018,921hydra-pbcoreA Hydra gem that offers PBCore datastream definitions using OM
4018,87220,186solrizer-fedoraAn extension to projecthydra/solrizer that provides utilities for loading objects from ...
4120,12021,221fcrepo_adminA Rails engine for administrative access to a Fedora Commons repository based on the Hy...
4220,316144,505curateA data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia
4324,83230,621rack-connegMiddleware that provides both file extension and HTTP_ACCEPT-type content negotiation f...
4425,914144,505activefedora-aggregationAggregations for active-fedora
4526,36627,877hydra-tutorialTutorial that works through setting up a hydra head
4628,106144,505anvlRuby ANVL implementation
4728,75727,877hybagA Hydra gem for adding BagIt functionality to ActiveFedora models.
4829,27230,621openils-mapperMiddleware layer to provide translation between high-level JSON and raw EDIFACT messages
4929,58827,877fedora_lensA client for Fedora Commons Repository (fcrepo) version 4
5030,277106,746active_fedora_relsintActiveFedora library to allow use of RELS-INT to track RDF assertions about datastreams...
5131,60916,133geo_concernsRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around Curation Concerns engine.
5232,564144,505curation_concerns-modelsAn extensible repository data-model with works and and many attached files
5332,81729,324orcidA Rails engine for orcid.org integration.
5433,121144,505checkmcheckm implementation
5533,46143,609active_annotationsSee http://www.openannotation.org/spec/core/
5634,02443,609active_fedora-datastreamsXML and RDF datastreams for ActiveFedora
5736,32737,087hydra-validationsValidations for Hydra applications, based on ActiveModel::Validations
5839,69230,621speedy-afPerformance enhancements for ActiveFedora
5940,18930,621geomashParse string for potential geographic matches and return that data along with the TGN I...
6041,38947,499fedora-migrateMigrates data (models, datastreams, content) from a Fedora3 repository to Fedora4
6144,12847,499hydra-modsHydra MODS components split out from hydra-head
6244,19470,766redrateAn easy, distributed rate limiter using Redis
6346,28225,663handle-systemRuby classes for interfacing with Handle System servers
6449,123144,505valkyrie-shrineShrine storage adapter for Valkyrie
6550,039144,505common_indexerCommon Indexing mixin for NUL Digital Collections
6650,75983,376docker-stackSupport code and rake tasks for running Rails on top of Dockerized services.
6753,57070,766namasteA ruby client implementation of the Namaste specification for directory description wit...
6854,037144,505worthwhileA self-deposit system with works and and many attached files
6954,11570,766hydra-ldapA gem for managing groups with ldap
7055,533144,505dflatRuby Dflat implementation
7160,43153,660hydra-migrateSimple migrations for Hydra objects
7260,62160,044pairtreeRuby Pairtree implementation
7365,90370,766rsolr-client-certClient certificate authentication for RSolr
7466,49760,044license_headerLicense header block auditing/updating
7573,66730,621geo_worksRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around the Hyrax engine.
7673,86460,044linked_vocabsLinked Data Controlled Vocabularies for ActiveFedora::Rdf.
7774,54670,766lockitA ruby implementation of LockIt: A Simple File-based Convention for Resource Locking
7881,141144,505avalon-wowzaWowza Streaming Engine support for the Avalon Media System
7982,60660,044share_notifyProvides basic API integration with ShareNotify
8094,11783,376mod-consSelf-declaring, self-aware, modular configuration for Ruby apps
8196,70453,660omniauth-nussoOmniAuth strategy for Northwestern University Agentless SSO.
82102,45260,044huborgMake changes to Organization Repositories en-masse.
83106,714144,505cahdmakerMake some Misanthropic Cards
84107,24347,499sesame-rubyRuby wrapper for the CANDYHOUSE Sesame API (https://docs.candyhouse.co/)
85116,420144,505contentdmModule providing access to structured metadata in CONTENTdm collections
86123,817106,746fedora-fsMounts a Fedora Commons repository as a FUSE filesystem
87128,893106,746order_upBackend agnostic queuing implementation
88131,512144,505active-encodeThis gem serves as the basis for the interface between a Ruby (Rails) application and a...
89138,162106,746single_use_linksDescription of SingleUseLinks.
90161,32283,376hydra-grouperThe long awaited separation of groups and roles for Project Hydra.