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147021-147040 of all 153,764 gems.
147,011554joditRails assets wrapper for
147,011554sixarm_ruby_minitest_assert_assignA Minitest assertion & expectation to compare the assigns(:symbol) method, which is...
147,011554fluffyjsUse Fluffy.js on Ruby on Rails
147,011554ortegacmanuel_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
147,025553activejob-google-cloud-pubsubGoogle Cloud Pub/Sub adapter and worker for ActiveJob
147,025553thermostat_Elise_DeSmetSoftware solution that acts as a thermostat.
147,025553ruboty-mastodonMastodon adapter for ruboty
147,025553towiseFACIADOR is established to make a rise to face&body detection technologies parallel to ...
147,025553rails-social-share-buttonrails-social-share-button is one of the best rails helper gem​ to add social share feat...
147,025553fitbarkWrapper for FitBark API: It provides simple methods to handle authorization and to exec...
147,025553loadable_configSimple declarative configuration files
147,025553cert_file_makerRailties app to generate certification files
147,025553ar-settingsSimplified, permanent key-value store for global application settings.
147,025553cspeezy_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
147,025553jekyll-theme-fluffyA lightweight, minimal theme for Jekyll
147,025553ip-lookupLookup IP Address with API to get a lot of information using
147,025553omniauth-zohoZoho strategy for OmniAuth.
147,025553simple-event-busSimple event bus. Easily emit and handle events.
147,025553monzenbaraiMonzenbarai is simple Rack middleware that allows you to easily put your app in mainten...