Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
176781-176800 of all 178,153 gems.
93,4710flatstrap-sassSass-powered version of Little Spark's Flatstrap, based on the work by Thomas McDonald ...
93,4710appboostSimple set up blazing unicorn nginx tools
93,4710webapp_raketasksMy web apps rake tasks
93,4710weather_fundsRuby interface to results from weatherfunds.co.uk
93,4710the_rails_var_dumpModule using like 'var_dump()' is avalaible in PHP
93,4710text_razorTextRazor API gem
93,4710minitest-rails-toolsA collection of little helpers to make working with Rails and Minitest a bit easier.
93,4710infrastructureAn abstraction layer to help deal with infrastructure in applications.
93,4710hq-clientHQ client library and command line tools
93,4710gicodewarrior-gdataThis gem provides a set of wrappers designed to make it easy to work with the Google D...
93,4710ghost_dm-coreFaster, Better, Simpler.
93,4710cmfalloutRaises fallout exceptions based on an audit report
93,4710clusterfsckcluster-aware S3 based config getter/setter
93,4710worlddb-flagsworlddb-flags - country flags (24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64) bundled for reuse w/ asset p...
93,4710tablesManage two-dimensional text tables including read/write to Word and Excel.
93,4710rubycut-sinatra-contribCollection of useful Sinatra extensions
93,4710proveProve makes it easy to verify phone numbers with voice and SMS.
93,4710pageboxPagebox - XSS sandbox
93,4710opentox-taskToxbank task service