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176781-176800 of all 181,034 gems.
144,5050api_url_generatorAfter writing a few RESTful APIs with Rails, I was always running into issues with gene...
144,5050cutest-reporterextend cutest to allow summary report and some tweacks
144,5050cyberSource_clientSimple PAN tokenization service
144,5050cuuidRuby wrapper for the uuid library in your OS.
144,5050berks_to_rightscaleA commandline utility which will collect cookbooks defined by berkshelf, compress them,...
144,5050authoritahA description of a really simple authorization plugin for Rails.
144,5050command-monkeyCommand Monkey runs an interactive command-line program such as irb in the background, ...
144,5050aresJust registering the name for now.
144,5050cyclone-railsRails integration for the Cyclone gem for saltstack interactions
144,5050corruptedGem to generated corrupted files, ideal for homeworks 🙊.
144,5050conjugateConjugate Verbs using a version of the templates defined here http://en.wiktionary.org/...
144,5050bystanderLog your application flow without any ugly loggers
144,5050wjimenez5271-chef-handler-mailChef report handler that uses pony to send an email. Based on Mathieu Sauve-Frankel's c...
144,5050atheneumSimply declare attributes that require obscuring and that will make it so. ...
144,5050csses== DESCRIPTION: Generate a clean CSS file based on your Rails view and helpers.
144,5050capybara-differSnapshot pages and display diff to help refactoring.
144,5050cache_hashSimple hash with expiring values. * Simple - Returns value or nil. * Default - Returns...
144,5050clndr-railsclndr-rails easy way to display calendar in your Rails app
144,5050cuba-toolsContains a group of tools to extend cuba