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11,1941,995rsolrRSolr aims to provide a simple and extensible library for working with Solr
22,1907,729active-fedoraActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...
33,2243,881blacklightBlacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...
43,6864,424deprecationStand-alone deprecation library borrowed from ActiveSupport::Deprecation
53,7526,795hydra-headHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.
64,0788,821omOM (Opinionated Metadata): A library to help you tame sprawling XML schemas like MODS. ...
74,1164,969oaiA ruby library for working with the Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harve...
84,1288,351hydra-access-controlsAccess controls for project hydra
94,1788,249hydra-coreHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full...
104,1906,736solrizerUse solrizer to populate solr indexes. You can run solrizer from within your app, usin...
114,4134,689devise-guestsGuest user implementation for devise
124,82132,067jettywrapperSpin up a jetty instance (e.g., the one at https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-jetty)...
134,82411,732rubydoraFedora Commons REST API ruby library
144,9724,872solr_wrapperSolr 5 service wrapper
155,16939,614hydraProject Hydra Stack Dependencies
165,21710,609nom-xmlNOM allows you to define a “terminology” to ease translation between XML and ruby objects
175,2597,556noidNice Opaque Identifier
185,4918,713browse-everythingAJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services
195,5788,892hydra-derivativesDerivative generation plugin for hydra
205,7429,221hydra-file_characterizationTo provide a wrapper for file characterization
215,8038,964ldpLinked Data Platform client library
225,8348,713hydra-worksUsing this data model should enable easy collaboration amongst Samvera projects.
235,8536,825engine_cartHelper for testing Rails Engines sanely
245,8593,593dor-servicesContains classes to register objects and initialize workflows
256,0129,535hydra-editorA basic metadata editor for hydra-head
266,2208,093openseadragonOpenSeadragon is a javascript library for displaying tiling images. This gem packages t...
276,2258,249blacklight-galleryGallery display for Blacklight
286,44714,519blacklight_advanced_searchBlacklight Advanced Search plugin
296,6608,440qaProvides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...
306,9839,372fcrepo_wrapperSolr 5 service wrapper
317,1538,821hydra-pcdmPortland Common Data Model (PCDM)
327,31239,614sufiaSufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...
337,42711,955stanford-modsStanford specific wrangling of MODS metadata from DOR, the Stanford Digital Object Repo...
347,74728,093active_fedora-noidNoid identifier services for ActiveFedora-based applications.
357,98411,732modsParse MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) records. More information about MODS c...
367,9939,888kaminari_route_prefixUpstream pull request: https://github.com/amatsuda/kaminari/pull/636
378,08439,614sufia-modelsModels and services for sufia
388,11039,614hydra-collectionsA rails engine for managing Hydra Collections
398,34214,942blacklight-spotlightEnable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...
408,3708,536active_encodeThis gem provides an interface to transcoding services such as Ffmpeg, Amazon Elastic T...
418,38939,614hydra-batch-editRails engine to do batch editing with curation_concerns
428,5077,450blacklight_range_limitBlacklight Range Limit plugin
438,62339,614about_pageDescription of AboutPage.
449,36439,614curation_concernsA Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")
459,89110,364geoblacklightGeoBlacklight provides a world-class discovery platform for geospatial (GIS) holdings. ...
4610,1529,888capistrano-bundle_auditAudit a project's gem dependencies before deployment
4710,6607,805iiif_manifestIIIF http://iiif.io/ defines an API for presenting related images in a viewer. This tra...
4811,07839,614active_fedora-registered_attributesAn ActiveFedora extension for registring attributes
4911,1129,888capistrano-one_time_keyOne time keys for capistrano
5011,8435,731mods_displayMODS Display is a gem to centralize the display logic of MODS medadata.
5111,8848,302hyraxHyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...
5212,10532,067revs-utilsShared methods and functions used by revs-indexer, pre-assembly and bulk metadata loadi...
5312,14439,614djatokaThe djatoka library provides some simple methods for creation of the OpenURLs needed to...
5412,21432,067dor-workflow-serviceEnables Ruby manipulation of the DOR Workflow Service via its REST API
5512,30139,614hydra-remote_identifierHandles the registration and minting of remote identifiers (i.e. DOI, ARK, ORCID)
5612,3309,535hydra-role-managementRails engine to do user roles in an RDBMS for hydra-head
5713,07839,614solrizer-fedoraAn extension to projecthydra/solrizer that provides utilities for loading objects from ...
5813,19310,172dlss-capistranoCapistrano recipies to assist with the development, testing, and release of SUL/DLSS R...
5913,51310,073samvera-nesting_indexerSamvera nested collections indexing
6013,55339,614hydra-pbcoreA Hydra gem that offers PBCore datastream definitions using OM
6113,59239,614base_indexerDescription of BaseIndexer.
6213,88232,067blacklight-marcMARC support for Blacklight
6313,88710,272bixbyA Style Configuration for RuboCop
6414,1349,033noid-railsNoid identifier services for Rails-based applications.
6514,82939,614fcrepo_adminA Rails engine for administrative access to a Fedora Commons repository based on the Hy...
6614,84810,985moab-versioningContains classes to process digital object version content and metadata
6714,88339,614discovery-indexerThis library manages the core operations for the discovery indexing such as reading PUR...
6815,14639,614curateA data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia
6915,15739,614rgeoserverGeoServer REST API Ruby library
7016,59010,073capistrano-shared_configsThis gem provides capistrano tasks to pull the latest configs from the shared configs b...
7116,82110,364druid-toolsTools to manipulate DRUID trees and content directories
7217,08210,073iiif-presentationAPI for working with IIIF Presentation manifests.
7317,30011,404dor-rights-authParses rightsMetadata xml into a useable object
7417,35639,614anvlRuby ANVL implementation
7517,55539,614capistrano-releaseboardCapistrano/Releaseboard integration
7618,44712,316assembly-objectfileGet exif data, file sizes and more.
7718,84839,614blacklight_cqlBlacklight CQL plugin
7818,94439,614active_fedora_relsintActiveFedora library to allow use of RELS-INT to track RDF assertions about datastreams...
7919,04939,614hydra-tutorialTutorial that works through setting up a hydra head
8019,66113,490blacklight-oembedOembed display for Blacklight
8119,68624,730sul_stylesA gem for adding Stanford University Libraries styles to Rails applications
8219,79439,614robot-controllerMonitors and controls running workflow robots off of priority queues and within a cluster
8320,12439,614rdf-ldpImplements a Linked Data Platform domain model, Rack middleware for server implementers...
8420,37639,614hydra-file-accessHydra-File-Access is a plugin Rails Engine containing the code for manipulating files i...
8521,0695,622lyber-coreContains classes to make http connections with a client-cert, use Jhove, and call Suri ...
8621,18639,614spotlight-dor-resourcesSpotlight resource indexer for DOR resources.
8721,73739,614activefedora-aggregationAggregations for active-fedora
8821,97139,614blacklight_user_generated_contentTags and Comments for Blacklight documents
8922,54418,686dor-fetcherWrapper for the Dor Fetcher Services RESTful API.
9022,54516,448blacklight-hierarchyAllows delimited Solr facets to become hierarchical trees in Blacklight.
9122,54739,614checkmcheckm implementation
9222,66039,614hybagA Hydra gem for adding BagIt functionality to ActiveFedora models.
9323,30922,772devise-remote-userA devise extension for remote user authentication.
9423,56439,614harvestdor-indexerHarvest DOR object metadata by the item or collection, plus code framework to write Sol...
9523,66028,093is_it_working-cbeerRack handler for monitoring several parts of a web application so one request can deter...
9624,21339,614fedora_lensA client for Fedora Commons Repository (fcrepo) version 4
9724,34032,067rspec-solrProvides RSpec custom matchers to be used with Solr response objects.
9824,63028,093lyberteam-capistrano-develCapistrano recipies to assist with the development, testing, and release of SUL/DLSS R...
9925,39239,614confluence4rAtlassian Confluence XML::RPC client
10025,52539,614blacklight_marcMARC support for Blacklight
10125,64828,093blacklight-mapsMaps for Blacklight
10226,95539,614hydra-validationsValidations for Hydra applications, based on ActiveModel::Validations
10327,28939,614orcidA Rails engine for orcid.org integration.
10428,90239,614fedora-migrateMigrates data (models, datastreams, content) from a Fedora3 repository to Fedora4
10529,15332,067curation_concerns-modelsAn extensible repository data-model with works and and many attached files
10630,72739,614hydra-modsHydra MODS components split out from hydra-head
10730,73718,686blacklight_oai_providerBlacklight Oai Provider plugin
10831,60818,686active_fedora-datastreamsXML and RDF datastreams for ActiveFedora
10932,19739,614blacklight_more_like_thisBlacklight Solr More-Like-This plugin
11032,80139,614lyber-utilsContains classes perform generic utilty functions
11133,0626,271dor-services-clientA client for dor-services-app
11233,15839,614namasteA ruby client implementation of the Namaste specification for directory description wit...
11334,35839,614blacklight_highlightBlacklight Solr Highlight plugin
11434,58939,614hydra-ldapA gem for managing groups with ldap
11534,78632,067assembly-utilsContains classes to manipulate DOR objects for assembly and accessioning
11635,43939,614sdr-replicationContains classes to archive and retrieve digital object version content and metadata
11736,88939,614harvestdorHarvest DOR object metadata from a Stanford public purl page
11837,21539,614blacklight_facet_extrasBlacklight facet extras plugin
11937,46239,614pairtreeRuby Pairtree implementation
12037,68939,614geo_concernsRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around Curation Concerns engine.
12138,18739,614blacklight_oembedBlacklight oembed plugin
12238,61739,614exhibits_solr_confA set of Solr config files and a rake task for testing sul-dlss exhibit and spotlight g...
12338,71739,614blacklight_unapiBlacklight unapi plugin
12439,01539,614dflatRuby Dflat implementation
12540,01139,614osullivanAPI for working with IIIF Presentation manifests.
12640,53815,382jhove-serviceGenerates JHOVE output and/or technicalMetadata
12740,89928,093editstoreThe editstore gem is a Rails engine, including all models and migrations needed to conn...
12841,42732,067solrmarc_wrapperRuby wrapper for accessing SolrMarc objects and Solr objects, such as using org.solrmar...
12941,49239,614blacklight_heatmapsSearch and view Blacklight resources on a map.
13042,90139,614geomashParse string for potential geographic matches and return that data along with the TGN I...
13143,54121,083ldpathRuby implementation of LDPath
13244,08014,519assembly-imageContains classes to create derivative image files and perform other image operations
13346,25310,073net-ssh-krbExtends Net::SSH by adding Kerberos authentication capability for password-less logins ...
13447,29039,614gdor-indexerPURL doc => Solr hash logic
13547,45239,614worthwhileA self-deposit system with works and and many attached files
13648,12039,614rails-styleguideInsert Styleguide description.
13749,45032,067mirador_railsBundling up Mirador for Rails use.
13849,54439,614hydra-migrateSimple migrations for Hydra objects
13949,63032,067workflow-archiverCan be used standalone or used as a library
14050,72032,067solrj_wrapperRuby wrapper for interacting with Solrj objects, such as org.apache.solr.client.solrj.i...
14150,78739,614rdf-fcrepo4This gem deprecated in favor of rdf-vocab; helper method is in triannon gem
14255,62839,614rdf-open_annotationThis gem deprecated in favor of rdf-vocab
14355,89639,614lockitA ruby implementation of LockIt: A Simple File-based Convention for Resource Locking
14457,11239,614capistrano-holepickerCapistrano/Holepicker integration for checking dependencies for vulnerabilities
14557,39024,730metrics_machineUtilities for writing application metrics into statsd/graphite
14658,77239,614tcTimecode parsing
14758,8107,893traject_plusExtensions to Traject for non-MARC formats
14859,17339,614dlss_copsDlssCops is a Rubocop configuration gem that holds DLSS's baseline Ruby style guide.
14963,37539,614linked_vocabsLinked Data Controlled Vocabularies for ActiveFedora::Rdf.
15065,85839,614rsolr-footnotesrails-footnotes for rsolr
15166,50039,614kaminari_bootstrap_paginatorBootstrap styles for kaminari
15267,29839,614checksum-toolsContains classes and executable files to generate and verify checksums
15367,91639,614share_notifyProvides basic API integration with ShareNotify
15468,72839,614rdf-iiifThis gem deprecated in favor of rdf-vocab
15570,17539,614derbyImplements the Fedora Commons API specification. Powered by RDF::LDP.
15671,11039,614geohydraGeospatial MetaData ToolKit for use in a GeoHydra head
15771,88339,614spotlight-resources-iiifSpotlight Resource Indexer for IIIF manifests or collections.
15874,25939,614tcramertcramer writes rake tasks
15976,09432,067etd_modelContains classes that define the Fedora content model for electronic theses and dissert...
16076,75632,067ldp_testsuite_wrapperLDP Test Suite service wrapper
16179,31132,067wfs_railsA Rails engine for using/testing Stanford Libraries Workflow Services.
16280,4514,872dor-workflow-clientEnables Ruby manipulation of the DOR Workflow Service via its REST API
16380,90139,614eem_modelContains classes that define the Fedora content model for everday electronic materials.
16481,97622,772arclightThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
16584,79739,614akubra_llstore_migrateREQUIRES FCREPO 3.4+
16685,06939,614sul_chromeSassified Twitter Bootstrap gem for Stanford University Libraries. This gem provides s...
16785,56039,614archive-utilsContains classes to archive and retrieve digital object version content and metadata
16885,77639,614robots_dot_textA rails engine to provide environment specific robots.txt files
16990,72839,614cerberus-annotationsOpen Annotation demonstrator for LD4L
17093,62739,614geo_worksRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around the Hyrax engine.
17196,13939,614annototAnnotot. Open annotations in Rails.
172103,20939,614order_upBackend agnostic queuing implementation
173105,35439,614blank_blankVerify existing gems for malicious gem replacement
174110,21739,614hyperspaceA simple hydra head
175111,07939,614processwrapperWrap a daemon process start/stop for testing
176111,50939,614hydraulicsA simple hydra user-facing workflow gem
177112,30639,614blacklight-tableTabular results view for Blacklight
178116,54439,614active-encodeThis gem serves as the basis for the interface between a Ruby (Rails) application and a...
179117,41839,614single_use_linksDescription of SingleUseLinks.
180119,58839,614iiifRuby APIs for working with IIIF
181120,24339,614rsolr-jsonUse JSON response formats with rsolr
182123,36739,614kaminari-bootstrap3Bootstrap styles for kaminari
183127,23539,614where-are-my-dependenciesSimple ruby script to take a Gemfile.lock file and determine where dependencies are hos...
184128,56339,614ucrdtwUCR DTW FFI wrapper
185128,61839,614dtwDynamic time warping for ruby
186129,78839,614spotlight-atomHarvesting atom feeds into Spotlight
187130,22039,614tika_wrapperTika service wrapper
188131,21939,614rdf-hurleyHurley HTTP adapter for RDF.rb
189131,26839,614mfccMel-frequency cepstral coefficients for Ruby
190131,51839,614graphite-toolsTools for working with graphite
191131,68839,614graphite-storage-calculatorUtilities for working with graphite
192132,21439,614metadatacopStyle enforcement for metadata
193136,0628,713blacklight-locale_pickerThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
194139,99739,614dlssRuby utilities for library.stanford.edu
195140,1677,315cocina-modelsSDR data models that can be validated
196141,81739,614rialto-etlETL tools for RIALTO, Stanford University Libraries' research intelligence project
197145,23139,614hydra-grouperThe long awaited separation of groups and roles for Project Hydra.
198146,10721,083purl_fetcher-clientTraject-compatible reader implementation for streaming data from purl-fetcher