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146861-146880 of all 153,219 gems.
146,848522around_methodRuby gem for method composition
146,848522bsd_wtfCapture the output of the BSD `wtf` command
146,848522embulk-input-sitemapLoads records from Sitemap.
146,848522money-bank-cryptocompareMoney gem's Bank implementation to Cryptocompare API to do cryptocurrency exchange, lik...
146,848522e_gadd_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,848522simple-shardingDescription of Simple::Sharding.
146,867521ruby_chocolateThis is a joke gem.
146,867521backtrace_cleanerThis is an extraction of ActiveSupport's BacktraceCleaner library. This gem exists for...
146,867521groupdocs_annotation_cloudRuby gem for communicating with the GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud API
146,867521peek-deviseTake a peek into the Devise info of your Rails application.
146,867521service_downtime_simulatorWant to know what it's like to have me in your dev team? This gem is for you!
146,867521back_to_anchorAn alternative to link_to :back which also allows to go to previous page with anchor
146,867521fastlane-plugin-fiv_increment_build_nofastlane plugin for ionic 4
146,867521json_to_openstructA simple Ruby gem adding OpenStruct::parse_json and OpenStruct::parse_hash methods and ...
146,867521knife-atomicChef knife plugin to retrieve settings with the cookbook versions fixed
146,867521kindle_fortuneA Ruby CLI gem that provides fortune cookie messages on your Terminal, based on the hig...
146,867521jlauncherUses fully resolved dependencies to get and start software from central repos
146,867521tramwayEngine for everything in your Rails app
146,867521hola_lucanioiMy first gem!
146,880520render_parent2Adds Rails “render :parent” helper, which renders template with the same name as curren...