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Most downloads over all time
146861-146880 of all 154,217 gems.
146,855606rbtrace_extendedrequire's rbtrace and optionally requires objspace and calls ObjectSpace.trace_object_a...
146,855606ftl_toolsPlanets, names, dice, etc.
146,855606clarinetSimple client to interface with the Clarifai API v2
146,855606barking_iguana-cf_lintLinting framework for CloudFoundation
146,855606protorclient_rubyPrometheus aggregator client for ruby.
146,855606devcamp_view_tool_33Provides generated HTML data for rails applications
146,855606bestselling_gamesThis gem allows you to list Gamestop's best selling games for each system, and the deta...
146,855606huginn_slackbot_agentHuginn agent to send messages into slack as a bot.
146,855606vi_vsnuA simple hello world gem
146,855606forminatorRuby form wizard, not coupled to any specific framework
146,855606gitlab-devopsManage your gitlab group and project settings as code as YAML files
146,855606kubesKubes tool
146,873605simple-validations-railsA simple set of validations I got tired of writing over and over and over again.
146,873605validate_pageGem to validate link to pages based on content
146,873605sidekiq-heartbeat_monitorEasily monitor your sidekiq queus with Slack or some other notification service.
146,873605putstarMake your puts statements stand out.
146,873605multi_tenancy_databaseGenerate new config datanbase and add this connect to current project
146,873605jekyll_pocketjekyll hook plugin for building a fully portable site
146,873605logsonLogson is a tiny logging library that writes JSON
146,873605bintermA simple binary terminal interface for development/troubleshooting. Proof of concept.