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146,873602solidus_stock_supplierAdds support to receive stock from supplier in Solidus
146,873602leica_sc_finder_appStarts with a list of Leica Screw Mount Camera categories from The user ...
146,873602bgordon_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,873602redis_luaRedis Lua scripting wrapper for ruby
146,873602DFS-player-rankingsProvides details on the top DFS players in the world
146,873602kimayaCore calculations for TPN
146,873602lynn_view_toolTest desc
146,873602record_decoratordecorate active record and his associations with anything
146,873602roy_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,873602koans_and_katasA test suite designed to assert the comprehension of domain knowledge for software deve...
146,873602executable_pathnameProvide additional methods to inspect executable files, as a Pathname subclass
146,892601parcelerAn alternative Parcel-powered asset manager and compiler, meant for Rails but built for...
146,892601toleranceRegards all typo as tolerance
146,892601currentpredictorreturns if the value is being multiplied with the provider
146,892601moreapp-apiThis gem allows you to connect to the moreapp API to send instructions and retrieve the...
146,892601genomeA library for create and maintaining cloud formation stacks
146,892601key_setKeySet with 4 classes to represent concepts of All, None, Some, and AllExceptSome, the ...
146,892601munin_passengerRuns passenger-status to graph CPU, RAM, queue size, requests served, etc.
146,892601cabrilloA ruby library to parse and generate ham radio Cabrillo log files.
146,892601logging-rollbarThe Rollbar appender for the Ruby Logging framework.