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146881-146900 of all 153,219 gems.
146,880520hardpool-flatJekyll flat theme with bootstrap for personal portflio.
146,880520tap_rated_new_beers"A ruby gem to view Beeradvocate's top 50 beers with the option to learn more about eac...
146,880520rubydownrubydown is R Markdown clone for Rubyists.
146,880520nexaas-cipherA Ruby client for the Nexaas ID REST API
146,880520digestible_attributesRails plugin for generating and storing hash digests based on model attributes
146,880520clicksign-webhooksClicksign webhook engine for rails apps
146,880520vagrant-ohai2Vagrant plugin which installs an Ohai2 plugn to properly detect private ipaddress
146,880520htmltoword-1.8.7Convert html to word docx document.
146,880520fishtankAn experiment to map various attributes of the Phenoscape KB to cartoon figures, using ...
146,880520tippy_tushartutejaA short Summar.
146,880520conllWrite a longer description or delete this line.
146,893519menu_commanderEasily create menus for any command line tool using simple YAML configuration
146,893519foreman_git_templatesAdds support for using templates from Git repositories
146,893519yclients-apiRuby interface to the Yclients API
146,893519whcalThes gem calculate the difference between two date time values. The output depends on t...
146,893519openaliasWrapper around the OpenAlias rust implementation that allows to lookup and parse OpenAl...
146,893519swiftcore-tasksThis is a very simple task list library that I use in a bunch of other places.
146,893519gem_semverUpdates the version of your Gem (use in conjunction with rake release)Running `bump maj...
146,893519hajHighly-Advanced Jedis client for Ruby